How Many Bones David Lee Roth Broke During Van Halen Shows

David Lee Roth is also known for his energetic and wild stage persona, besides his one-of-a-kind fashion looks, triumphant vocals, and hedonistic lifestyle. Throughout his career in Van Halen, the rock star would jump around on the stage and dance with never-ending energy. So, his stage performances were quite pleasing to the eye and represented the quintessential showmanship of a rock icon.

However, one needs to be cautious while performing with such high power, which might turn into a disaster. Breaking your bones or falling from the stage becomes inevitable when you’re not careful during Diamon Dave’s stunts. As it seems, his wild stage shows cost David Lee Roth several broken bones over the past years.

Which Conditions Did David Lee Roth Face For The Sake Of His Stage Shows?

In a now-inaccessible For Him Magazine interview, David Lee Roth talked about the worst injuries he suffered from the stage shows he did. The rock icon said he might have broken around 30 bones while doing all the stunts. Diamond Dave then humorously called it ‘Jackie Chan stuff’ and stated it all happens in a day’s work.

Moreover, Roth revealed that he had broken his back twice, his bones in both feet, neck, elbows, and half of his fingers. According to the singer, performing on the stage with such energy is a tough job, and nobody could perform the way he did if he didn’t do his jumping around and dancing all over the stage.

As reported by Van Halen Links, David Lee Roth told For Him Magazine the following:

“I’ve probably broken 30 bones over the years, but I call it all Jackie Chan stuff. It’s all in a day’s work. I’ve broken my back twice, I’ve broken bones in both feet, broken bones in my neck, in my elbows, half of my fingers. It’s a tough job, and if I didn’t do it, nobody could.”

David Lee Roth thinks it’s normal that his wild and entertaining stage performances gave him 30 broken bones. Although this is a heavy price to pay, it’s no doubt that Roth ended up giving the best stage performances for the Van Halen fans as an entertainer.