Geddy Lee Remembers Robert Plant’s Advice That Saved Rush From A Hiatus


Rush lead vocalist Geddy Lee talked about the five-year-long hiatus of Rush which was initiated due to drummer Neil Peart’s personal tragedies. Also, he emphasized the great contribution of Robert Plant’s wisdom to Rush’s reunion during his recent interview with Louder Sound.

As you may know, Rush went into a hiatus in 1997, which lasted five years, after the band’s drummer Neil Peart decided to take a break from his musical career because of ongoing problems in his life. Peart’s daughter Selena died in a car crash in the same year and unfortunately the tragedy was followed by Peart’s wife’s death due to cancer. Therefore, Peart couldn’t continue his music career and instead, started to travel around North America.

The other members of Rush respected the decision of their bandmate and decided not to perform without Peart. The band’s destiny changed after a phone call from the Led Zeppelin icon, Rober Plant. Plant and Page were in Canada as part of their ongoing tour in 1998 and Plant invited Rush to play with them during their concert. However, Lee explained the band’s situation and kindly refused.

As a person who has been pursuing a successful career in the music industry for years, Robert Plant realized that the personal problems of Peart could cause Rush’s disbandment. So, Plant invited Lee and Lifeson to the concert to share his thoughts about their ongoing hiatus. Plant advised that they need to move on despite the tragedies and said they had to reunite to heal through the music.

Lee recalled these times saying:

“I remember when Page & Plant were touring Walking Into Clarksdale and they came to Toronto. Someone kept calling our office saying they were Robert Plant and they needed to speak to me. No one believed it, but turns out it was him. We were on hiatus after Selena had passed away and we were not in a good place. I called Robert back, and he wanted us to come to the show, and I was pretty down in the dumps at that point. He said no, come to the show, we’ll talk.

He understood what was going on with the band. I remember him saying: ‘You’ve got to re-join life, and sooner is better than later. So get your ass down here.’ So I called Alex up and said we’re going to see Page & Plant. They were totally awesome. They were so nice. There’s nothing better than meeting someone you admire for so many years and so many reasons and finding out they’re true gents.”

It can be seen from Lee’s statement that Robert Plant’s wisdom saved Rush’s music career, brought an end to their long hiatus which could even result in their disbandment. According to Lee, the Led Zeppelin legend became Rush’s savior during their hardest times.