Dee Snider Reflects On Competing With Bruce Dickinson For The Best Vocalist Of The Year

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider posted a tweet to express his feelings about competing with Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson for the Best Vocalist Of 2021.

Dee Snider rose to success with Twisted Sister in the early 1980s as their lead singer and primary lyricist. He became a prominent vocalist of the metal scene with his distinctive vocals and ability to hit every note. Due to his singing talent, Snider was ranked No. 83 in the Hit Parader’s Top 100 Metal Vocalists Of All Time list.

Bruce Dickinson, on the other hand, has been working with Iron Maiden as the band’s lead singer since 1981. He is mainly known for his wide-ranging operatic singing style and energetic stage shows. Moreover, Dickinson is among the pioneers of the operatic vocal style alongside Dio and Rob Halford, later adopted by power metal vocalists.

Recently, Metal Injection announced the nominees for the Best Vocalist Of The Year. As seen in the poll, many great metal vocalists were nominated, such as Bruce Dickinson and Dee Snider. Considering Dickinson, Snider, and other musicians’ singing talents, it seems like fans will have a tough time making a decision.

In his recent tweet, Dee Snider posted Metal Injection’s poll and stated he is so proud to be included on the list. He then urged his fans to vote for the Best Vocalist Of 2021. Upon seeing that, one of his fans congratulated him and said it will be a tough win over Dickinson because he has been listed twice. As a response, Snider said Bruce is one of the greatest, and it’s an honor to even be on the same list.

Dee Snider’s tweet read:

“Damn proud to be included on this list! Vote for The Best Vocalist Of The Year!”

One of his fans then responded to him:

“Congratulations. It’s going to be tough to win over Bruce Dickinson, seeing how he’s listed twice.”

Snider then said:

“Bruce is one of the greats! Like I said, honored to be on the list!”

You can check out the tweets below.