Ronnie Radke Gets In A Public Dispute With Bad Wolves’ Doc Coyle

With the former Thy Art Is Murder CJ McMahon getting kicked out of the band for his controversial opinions, heated arguments and feuds spread all over the internet. Most recently, one of those arguments included Falling In Reverse singer Ronnie Radke and Bad Wolves guitarist Doc Coyle. Known to have heated disputes with other rockers, the singer got involved in a public dispute on X (formerly Twitter).

The feud among the fans started when CJ McMahon made a transphobic comment on social media, after which he apologized but still received backlash. A month after his words, McMahon was fired from the band, with the band stating that the incident wasn’t the reason for it but another action that fueled it up.

As opposed to the backlash, Radke was on McMahon’s side. The rocker, in fact, tried to convince his fans to boycott the band and also shared that he would spend McMahon 20 thousand dollars.

After a 15-minute video Coyle shared on his YouTube channel to address the Thy Art Is Murder dispute, the rocker responded in a now-deleted tweet about McMahon:

“I don’t speak for my band, but I tell you what. If my commentary was being disruptive to our career, and making their lives harder, I would dial it back. I think if politics overshadow the music, you are in dangerous territory.”

In response to Coyle, Radke mentioned the names of the political bands and artists, namely Rage Against the Machine, Marilyn Manson, Anti-Flag, Bad Religion, and NOFX. The guitarist, acknowledging that being political is the named artists’ brand, responded:

“I think it’s different if you are a ‘political band.’ Where that’s your brand. Public Enemy or RATM. That’s what they do. Bad Wolves is not a political band. I don’t want to divide our audience. Or over shadow it.”

Radke then shared another tweet in response with Thy Art Is Murder’s lyrics for ‘Furnace of Hate,’ claiming that the band only writes songs about rape and murder so that it’s ‘off limits.’ The Bad Wolves guitarist responded:

“I’m not speaking for other bands. I’m speaking for my own. But if you are talking about bands in general, if you step into arenas you aren’t generally known for, then expect blowback if touch on subjects that are controversial.”

Radke, claiming to be the boss of his band, replied:

“Good thing I’m the boss and no one can fire me and I stand by what I believe in and can go exist with people with differing views like yours right?”

Coyle slammed Radke in his following tweet:

“Exactly. It’s your band. And you’re successful enough where only your fans are the only ones capable of ‘canceling’ you. You don’t need a label or press to back you. You’re pretty bullet proof. But out of curiosity, would you ever fire a band member based on their views?”

Radke stopped responding to the latest tweets.

Despite the argument, hours later, Coyle shared a tweet to clarify that Radke has always been supportive of Bad Wolves and that it’s fun to hang out with him.

Below, you can see the tweets.