Adam Lambert Starts The Countdown For The Release Of ‘A Bowie Celebration’

Queen’s current vocalist Adam Lambert shared a new post on his official Instagram account and revealed how excited he is about taking a part of David Bowie tribute concert.

David Bowie was such a great actor and musician that most people admire his career most of the time. However, Bowie died back in January 2016 after two days of his birthday and saddened the community.

Bowie’s bandmate and pianist, Mark Garson, wanted to remember his legacy after five years and arranged a tribute concert in honor of David Bowie, ‘A Bowie Celebration.’

Due to technical difficulties, the concert has postponed and couldn’t take place as it scheduled. After the announcement of the new date, Adam started countdown the time to show how much excited he is about taking a place in this show.

Here is what Adam Lambert wrote:

Bowie: A Celebration! Tonight at 6:00 PT. (Tix: Swipe up link in my story).”

You can check out the post below.