Dee Snider Answers The Most Asked Questions About Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider was recently shown the most asked Twisted Sister-related questions on Google by a fan on Twitter. The musician replied to the ten questions asked by many people one by one.

Snider is probably one of the rock stars who are the most active on Twitter since he uses the platform to interact with his and Twisted Sister’s fans. Although they disbanded in 1988, Twisted Sister reunited a couple of times but only produced one studio album in 2006, ‘A Twisted Christmas.’

However, their influence is apparent even today, as you can still hear their iconic songs ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ and ‘I Wanna Rock’ used on many occasions. Their music videos were always satiric and contained a lot of humor. The band’s and Snider’s sense of style were unique and grabbed so much attention that they started being called ‘glam metal’ because of their outfits and makeup.

Google’s most asked questions about the band were related to their reputation worldwide. People generally wondered what their outfits and makeup symbolized and whether they were believers. Regarding their music, users wanted to know if the band was only a ‘one-hit-wonder’ and if they are still performing. Snider addressed these questions one by one with yes/no answers.

Here are the questions with their answers:

“Is Twisted Sister still alive? Yes.

Is Twisted Sister a one-hit-wonder? No.

Is Twisted Sister metal? Yes.

Is Twisted Sister glam metal? Yes.

Is Twisted Sister singer gay? No.

Is Twisted Sister still performing? No.

Is Twisted Sister Christian? Some.

Is Twisted Sister trans? No.

Is Twisted Sister still touring? No.

Is Twisted Sister classic rock? Technically, yes.”

The fans replied to the answers and pointed out how ridiculous it is that some wonder if Snider is gay or has transgender members. Their style was considered unusual, but Snider had stated in his 2012 biography that it is inappropriate to call them a ‘glam band’ because they should be called ‘hideous’ instead.

You can see the tweet below.