Guns N’ Roses’ Slash On How He Was Convinced To Play For ‘Barbie’

Guns N’ Roses lead guitarist Slash talked about what persuaded him to perform for the ‘Barbie’ movie during a recent conversation with Brooke Marsden.

When the host asked if he really played on the ‘Barbie’ soundtrack, the musician replied:

“Yeah, I did. I played on the Ken song. It was Mark Ronson. He wrote and produced music for that, and he called me up and said I would play on something. And I was like, ‘For Mark, I would do anything.’ I wouldn’t mind, so I just said, ‘Yeah, what have you got?’ And so he sent me a demo. It was the kid song, and I was like, ‘Huh.'”

Detailing how the rest of the process worked, Slash noted:

“And he goes, ‘Well, it’s for the ‘Barbie’ movie,’ and whatnot. So I said okay. It was funny because he sent it to me as a demo, and I started working on it as a demo, and then he started introducing real drums to it and other changes. So all of a sudden, I had to trash what I did already and do it again, and it actually was one of those one-offs that took a little bit longer than I had expected it to take, but it was fun to do it for Mark, and it’s actually a pretty funny song.”

Marsden then stepped in and said she was surprised it was a really good song. The guitarist added:

“Yeah, Mark’s great, but when I first heard it, it was sort of out of context. He was like, ‘What is this?’ [laughing]”

Then, when the host said his solo in it was beautiful, Slash replied:

“Yeah, I think it came out pretty cool.”

Brooke also wanted to learn whether the rocker had seen the movie, and he revealed:

“No, I haven’t seen it yet.”

The guitarist made an appearance in the song ‘I’m Just Ken,’ along with Wolfgang Van Halen. Mark Ronson also praised Slash’s performance on the track in a chat with Variety, saying he ‘killed’ it.

You can watch his full interview below.