Josh Homme Is Accused Of Threatening To Kill His Ex-Wife’s Boyfriend

It was reported by Rolling Stone that Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme threatened to kill his ex-wife Brody Dalle’s boyfriend, Gunner Foxx, when they encountered each other at a shopping mall.

When Josh Homme and Brody Dalle met, Dalle was seeing Tim Armstrong at the time. Later on, the two reconnected seven years later and started dating. They got married in 2005, but their marriage didn’t go well as Homme was dealing with alcohol and drug addiction, which led to domestic violence. Then, Dalle filed a divorce in 2019.

Although the couple has broken up, the tensions have not ceased to exist. Recently, Brody Dalle’s boyfriend Gunner Foxx said he encountered Josh Homme on December 24 in a shopping mall in California, and Homme approached and threatened to kill him.

Foxx also claimed that Homme was waiting for him at the exit of the mall, aiming to throw him over the balcony. Gunner Foxx then claimed that Josh Homme used his upper body to throw him over, and he was really scared.

Foxx’s claims on Josh Homme:

“He then attempted to use the momentum of his upper body combined with his grip on my arm to throw me over the rail. I could feel one of his fingernails digging sharply into my hands. At that moment, I truly felt that he was going to throw me over the balcony to my death.”

The frontman’s ex-wife Brody Dalle also talked about the incident and stated that she was extremely worried about his boyfriend’s safety. She said that she and Foxx have a very good relationship, and she doesn’t want to live concerned about his safety. She expressed her hope for everything to get back on track as soon as possible.

Dalle’s words on the incident:

“I have been really scared and worried for Gunner’s safety since we started dating. He’s been targeted in a terrifying way. He is a loving, nurturing, protective dad to his own little girls and an incredibly positive, loving, and protective father figure to my kids.

He’s sober and clean for eight years and is an active member of his community. We love each other and have an amazing and loving blended family together. No one should ever live every day worried about their safety or the safety of their loved ones. I cannot wait for the day that all of this is behind us.”

A few months ago, Brody Dalle was found guilty because she didn’t deliver their son to Homme. Later on, Homme was also charged with a similar issue concerning their other child. It looks like the tension between them won’t end easily, as they have kids and need to stay in touch.