Greta Van Fleet’s Jake Kiszka Shares An Open Letter To Update His Health Status

Greta Van Fleet guitarist Jake Kiszka recently updated his fans via a post on his official Instagram page about his health status after being hospitalized with pneumonia. The musician stated that he needed more time to heal before performing again.

‘The Battle at Garden’s Gate’ is the second studio album of Greta Van Fleet, released in 2021. With the cease of the pandemic restrictions, the band started their accompanying tour in 2022. While pretty much everything was going well on the road, the band’s fate took a turn when guitarist Jake Kiszka got sick during the tour.

The doctors eliminated the possibility of coronavirus, and they diagnosed him with pneumonia. The band delayed their tour dates and had a break to let Jake heal because he still suffered from the illness’s symptoms. They had announced the condition of Jake and his brother Josh on March 16, and the next day, they stated that Josh had healed while Jake was still suffering from symptoms.

On March 21, the band announced further cancellations of dates from March 22 to April 2 because the guitarist was struggling with recovery. Since the band had no choice but to cancel or delay their remaining tour dates without their member, they felt grave regret to inform their fans of the postponements and apologized for the inconvenience.

While their fans are worried and concerned about the musician’s current health status, Jake Kiszka recently shared a handwritten note on his Instagram account to inform his fans about his situation. The guitarist stated that he almost recovered from pneumonia and is working on the rescheduled dates. He thanked his fans for being there for him and said that he would be back with a mightier performance.

Here is what Jake penned in his letter:

“After the last few formidable collective weeks, I finally feel I’m on the precipice of recovery, not yet fully recuperated, but on the ascent. I wish we could be together, but it is crucial for me to rest so that I may return with even greater might and an even mightier performance. At present, we are working on the rescheduled dates. I am confident I’ll be refined for the road again in time for the South American shows. Your kindness and humility have provided me with even greater strength. Thank you for being so gracious and supportive as we navigate these complex circumstances.

I anticipate our long-awaited reunion!

All my love,


You can see his handwritten letter below.

Photo Credit: Jake Kiszka – Instagram