Duff McKagan Opens Up About Josh Freese Replacing Taylor Hawkins In Foo Fighters

Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan shared his thoughts about the new Foo Fighters drummer Josh Freese. During a recent interview with The Guardian, the rocker also opened up about the late Taylor Hawkins. McKagan shared that he and Hawkins were really close friends, but was glad to see Freese on stage as his replacement. The rocker said:

“I was very close with Taylor, we were best buddies. There couldn’t have been a better guy than Josh. I just sat at the side of the stage and wept. Josh paid such service to Taylor.”

McKagan explained whether or not he feels like a survivor:

“Absolutely. We’ve had so much loss from drugs that you end up feeling like you’re here for a reason, man. My reason is that I met Susan, and we had our children. And if I can raise my hand about certain issues like panic attacks, depression and sobriety while I’m here in my second act, I’ll do it.”

In addition to now playing with Foo Fighters, the drummer also played with Guns N’ Roses for three years.

Hawkins passed away last year on March 25 after suffering a cardiovascular collapse, meaning his heart weighed double that of men his age. After his passing away, the band took time to decide on their new drummer, more than a year after which Freese was announced as the replacement.

Quite recently, Foo Fighters shared the dates for their upcoming 2024 tour. You can see the dates here, and a recent Foo performance with Freese below.