ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons Releases New Album ‘Hardware’ Featuring Former Guns N’ Roses Matt Sorum

ZZ Top’s iconic frontman Billy Gibbons has announced on his Instagram account that his new album ‘Hardware’ is out. Matt Sorum, the former drummer of Guns N’ Roses, is seen featured in the album. The music video of ‘My Lucky Card,’ one of the songs in the album, has also been released on May 14.

Billy Gibbons, who has decided to follow a solo career at the age of 66, has made a comeback lately with his third solo album, ‘Hardware,’ after a long time. In 2015, he made ‘Perfectamundo’ which was an album having Latin overtones. As is known, he, Matt Sorum, and the guitarist Austin Hanks had worked together again in 2018 for Gibbon’s solo album ‘Big Bad Blues’. 

To record the album, it is known that the trio went to California desert to work without disruptions. Considering the sound of the album and the music videos of the songs, it can be seen that the desert vibes played a big part in ‘Hardware’ as an influence.

Billy Gibbons and Matt Sorum have also posted their thoughts about the album and the music video of ‘My Lucky Card’ on their official Instagram accounts.

Billy Gibbon’s post read:

“Hardware – the new album from Billy F Gibbons is out today.
‘‘Hardware’ is a good time and we’re looking forward to checking out the grooves with everybody in the world, known or otherwise, who wants to join us. We’re really delighted with the way it turned out.’ – Billy F Gibbons.”

Matt Sorum has said about the music video in his post that:

Hardware is out and we still have another video on the way next week.
We made this video at the legendary bar in Pioneertown called Pappy & Harriets. Our good friend Harry Reese came out and we shot 4 videos with one camera and some Go-pros. It was the opposite of how we used to shoot videos with massive crews and cameras. We came up with an idea grabbed some cool people and went for it.

The characters in this video all worked at Pappys and Jessika Von Rabbit is a cool punk rock singer from the High Desert. The song’s inspiration came from Billy & I discussing my wife Ace and the Title Lucky Card popped out. Check out my vinyl club Experience Vinyl for a limited version of the record or click the link in my bio for the new record.”

You can check out the music video below.