Mark Hoppus Shares How His Cancer Treatment Started And How It’s Going

Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus has looked back on his cancer treatment and shared how it started and how it is going now on his Instagram stories.

As you may recall, Mark Hoppus announced he was diagnosed with cancer via an Instagram story back on June 23. In the announcement, he claimed that he has been battling cancer for three months. Following that, on July 12, the musician said he will undergo a test that would reveal if he will recover from the disease or not. That test determined that his chemotherapy treatment is working, but Hoppus still has months of treatment ahead.

Throughout the course of the treatment, Hoppus has always kept a positive attitude. The musician told his fans that he will keep fighting no matter what and he eventually won. During his fight against cancer, Hoppus received the support of his friends and family. For instance, his former bandmate and close friend Tom DeLonge stayed by Hoppus’ side throughout these challenging times. Moreover, DeLonge revealed one month ago that Hoppus’ cancer is disappearing, and although he still has to go through chemo, the treatment is working.

Recently, Hoppus gave an update on his health status with his Instagram stories and recalled how the treatment started. He shared the text messages between him and presumably his doctor before his diagnosis with the title ‘how it started.’ The musician then posted a photograph of himself in the following story, which reads ‘how it is going.’ Following that, Tom DeLonge also posted an old photo of himself and Hoppus on Instagram. In the post, DeLonge said that Hoppus is almost done with his treatment.

Hoppus’s text message about his symptoms was:

“Hi, Jill. For the past couple of days, I’ve had this dull sore lump in my shoulder, kind of right where it connects to my neck, that could either be fatal lymphoma or a sore muscle. At what point should I be concerned and have it looked at?”

Following that, the doctor said:

“I need to see you!”

Hoppus then responded:

“Okay, can I come in this afternoon? Or this morning, I just have a radio show to tape at noon.”

After that, the doctor asked him if 4:15 pm works, and Hoppus said:

“Yep! See you then! Thanks again.”

Moreover, DeLonge posted an Instagram post the same day, which read:

“Mark Hoppus is almost done with his treatment… Send him hearts to power him through this last stretch!”

You can check out Mark Hoppus’ Instagram stories and the photo Tom DeLonge has posted below.

Photo Credit: Tom DeLonge – Instagram