Tom Delonge Says Mark Hoppus’ Cancer Is Disappearing


Angels & Airwaves lead vocalist Tom DeLonge shared a photo of himself and Mark Hoppus today to remember the good old days they have had and shared some details considering his long-time buddy’s health status.

You may remember from our recently published articles that the Blink-182 singer and bassist Mark Hoppus was diagnosed with cancer a couple of months ago, and he announced it publicly at the end of June.

Since Hoppus admitted that he’s been undergoing chemotherapy for cancer for the last three months, his musician friends in the rock scene have been sharing regular messages to support their friend and inform his fanbase.

Recently, Blink-182’s former guitarist and vocalist, Tom Delonge, shared a rare photo of Mark to announce that his cancer is disappearing and that he is doing well. As mentioned in the caption, the photo was taken while Blink-182 was recording their debut album named ‘Cheshire Cat’ which was released in 1995.

Here is what’s written in the caption of the photo:

“Me and Mark Hoppus about to record ‘Cheshire Cat’ with Blink 182 -and- Mark is doing well! Cancer is disappearing! But, he still has more chemo to do. As tough as it is, it is working! Mark is a real-life superhero.”

You can check out the photo below.

Photo Credit: Tom Delonge – Instagram