Jimmy Bower Confirms Phil Anselmo Is Working On New Songs With Down

Down drummer Jimmy Bower confirmed new music is on the road.

In a new interview Laughingmonkeymusic, the drummer explained the songwriting process for their upcoming release. He detailed their process with Phil Anselmo and how things will turn out in a next few months:

“We got together about a month or two ago, and we were practicing with just me, Pat [Bruders, bass], Kirk [Windstein, guitar] and Pepper [Keenan, guitar]. Phil [Anselmo, vocals] lives on the other side of the lake [in Louisiana]. We got together over at his house for a weekend, and we have seven songs, man. We’re supposed to get together again in April, and then talk about recording, trying to get this thing out.”

Bower also praised Anselmo’s writing abilities:

“Phil’s amazing to write with because he’s really good with arranging, and he’s just really witty with his arrangements and bridges and stuff like that, that, I’d be, like, ‘Damn, I would have never thought of that.’ And that’s the beautiful thing about Down— it’s a room filled with dudes that are witty with their songwriting and stuff like that. We can write all day without Phil, but when he’s there, it’s that much better. It really is. ‘Cause he’d be, like, ‘Do this four times. Go into the bridge, then go back to the verse, and then we’ll do a pre-chorus, and next thing you know, you’ve got a killer song.”

Down hasn’t released anything new since their 2014 album ‘Down IV — Part Two.’

Down Might Release A Few Singles This Year

Down originally posted some photos of themselves writing together back in January, but nothing in particular was announced. Before posting on social media, Crowbar guitarist Kirk Windstein hinted Down may release new music in 2024.

In an interview with Loaded Radio in October, Windstein said that he and his bandmates were planning to get together soon to start writing and recording:

“I talked to Phil a pretty good bit, and we’re all gonna go out to his house and his property later this month… He kind of does like a little Halloween thing or whatever. So we’re gonna do that.”

He also hoped Down could release an EP of six new songs in 2024. However, he admitted that it’s too early to say for sure if that will happen.

You can watch the interview below.