Lee Tiger Halley Is Confirmed To Play Bon Scott In Upcoming Biopic

A biographical film loosely inspired by the life of the late AC/DC frontman Bon Scott is currently in development.

HALO Films from Australia revealed on its website that the upcoming movie, ‘The Kid From Harvest Road,’ will narrate the early life of Scott in the Western Australian town of Fremantle. Lee Tiger Halley will be playing the AC/DC rocker in the movie.

HALO Films clarifies that by opting for a loose retelling, the film ‘can offer a more imaginative exploration of Scott’s character and experiences.’ The studio went on to say:

“Focusing on his formative years in Fremantle allows for a deeper dive into the influences and events that shaped him as a person and ultimately as the iconic frontman of AC/DC. It also provides an opportunity to explore the cultural landscape of the time, including the burgeoning music scene and social dynamics of the era.”

Who Is The Director?

Stephen Belowsky will be directing the storyline of the biopic. This project seems to hold personal significance for the screenwriter, as he, much like Halley and Scott, has roots in the Australian city of Fremantle:

“I was truly inspired by [Scott’s] charismatic character, but what interested me most was his early life, not the caricature we all know on stage. The teen who walked the streets of Fremantle. This is a love letter to Fremantle and Bon reimagined through the eyes of the author.”

The film is currently in its initial phases, and production is scheduled to commence in early 2025.