Sammy Hagar Calls Eddie Van Halen ‘The Real Rocker’ In Rare Video

Sammy Hagar posted a rare video of him and late Eddie Van Halen in which they both reveal their Christmas wishes. In the video, Hagar also described Van Halen as ‘the real rocker.’

During the recording of songs for the 1996 film ‘Twister,’ tension began to escalate between Hagar and the Van Halen brothers. Hagar left the band in 1996 and claimed later that he was fired. Van Halen recorded the song ‘Humans Being’ for the film, but Eddie retitled the song and wrote the melody because he didn’t like Hagar’s lyrics.

As a result, Hagar became quite upset. Following that, when VH was going to record a second song for the soundtrack, the musician went to Hawaii for his child’s birth. Due to that, and Hagar’s reluctance of doing the project, the Van Halen brothers recorded the instrumental track ‘Respect The Wind’ on their own.

Van Halen was also thinking about working on a compilation album, but Hagar was against this idea before a new album came out. Besides, he had different ideas about what should they include in the compilation album. Due to creative differences which escalated personal tensions, Hagar’s relationship with Eddie became tumultuous.

Back in 2014, Van Halen went on their Van Halen Summer Tour 2004. Although the tour became commercially successful, Eddie’s being drunk affected some of the performances. After the tour ended, due to Eddie’s problems with alcohol, Hagar stated he is done with Van Halen and returned to his solo band.

In a recent Instagram post, Sammy Hagar revealed a rare video of him and Eddie. In the video, both Eddie and Hagar wished everyone in Australia a Merry Christmas. Moreover, Hagar described himself as the Red Rocker, and Eddie as the Real Rocker in the video. In the comments section, fans appreciated Hagar’s act and praised the musician for being this forgiving.

Sammy Hagar’s Instagram post read:

“I just ran across this & what crazy timing! Just in time for Christmas, you want to talk about a flashback Friday.”

In the video Hagar included in the post, Eddie Van Halen said:

“This is Sammy, this is Eddie, and we love Australia even though we haven’t been there.”

Hagar then added:

“We’d love to say Marry Christmas to Australia from the Red Rocker and the Real Rocker.

Below the post, one of the fans commented:

“Mr. Hagar. I admire the strength of your forgiveness. You did have good times in VH, but the family mistreated you. It was a great band, he was a guitar hero, but he and the other VH gang mistreated you and Mr. Anthony. We do love VH for sure, but we are your fans for who you are.”

Considering all of these past incidents, it seems that Hagar had a troubled relationship with Eddie prior to the guitarist’s death in 2020. However, after Eddie’s passing, Hagar seems to have put these things aside and honored the time he spent with Van Halen.