Glenn Hughes Is Open Up To Making A New Album With Tony Iommi


In an interview with The Metal Voice, former Deep Purple bassist Glenn Hughes looked back to his previous projects with Black Sabbath icon Tony Iommi and revealed that there is a possibility of a new collaboration in the future.

As you might recall, in the mid-1980s, Glenn Hughes briefly joined Black Sabbath as the lead singer. They released the band’s twelfth studio album titled ‘Seventh Star‘ in 1986, which was originally written and intended to be Tony Iommi’s first solo album. However, due to the pressures of the record label, the album was labeled as Black Sabbath and it received moderate commercial success.

Unfortunately, Hughes had to be replaced by Ray Gillen during the tour to promote the new album only after the first six shows. Glenn was injured following an argument with John Downing, Black Sabbath’s production manager, and had to leave the band since he wasn’t in good psychical shape to continue performing for the rest of the tour.

Recently, Glenn Hughes joined an interview with The Metal Voice and reminisced the memories of his collaboration with Tony Iommi. Glenn stated that there is always something going on with Iommi since the two iconic musicians did three albums together. He also mentioned that he is open up to the possibility of new collaborations with Tony in the future. Yet, Hughes added that it is hard to say anything about the future now considering the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Here is what Glenn Hughes stated about his possible new projects with Tony Iommi:

“There is always something going on with Tony we have done three albums and you never know and there is a possibility there will be another one.

But at this time it is so hard to say anything I’m just doing everything I can to make sure The Dead Daisies get to as many people as humanly possible.”

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