Adam Lambert Receives Support From Demi Lovato For Defending The LGBTQ+ Community

Queen’s touring lead singer Adam Lambert shared a video on his official Instagram stories recorded by pop-star Demi Lovato. In the video, Lambert stood up against the stigma surrounding LGBTQ+ members in the music industry by listing every homophobic question they come up with.

As many of you know, Adam Lambert has founded an organization that supports LGBTQ+ human rights named ‘Feel Something Foundation’ back in 2019. Being one of the biggest supporters of his community, the singer has helped countless queer people in terms of food, education, and mental health, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Apparently, the musician recently gathered his friends for the purpose of giving a speech on the music industry and its constant oppression of musicians. Admitting that the industry is terrified of artists like him since his sexual orientation may not be profitable, too controversial, and over-the-top, Lambert once again stressed how they need to stand up against discrimination and prejudice.

In his speech, Adam Lambert said:

“I had an industry that was terrified of me. ‘Could a gay man sell enough to make us profit? Will his sexuality be too much for middle America? What’s he going to sing about? Do we need to avoid using ‘him’ and ‘his’ in love songs? How do we get him to tone it down?'”

Being one of the attendants, Demi Lovato shared Lambert’s talk on their official Instagram stories. Since Lovato also has been open about their sexual orientation and sexual identity, which is non-binary, they celebrated the Queen singer’s courage to speak his truth for himself and every member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Demi Lovato captioned this in their story:

“I love you, Adam Lambert. You are bringing all of us queer musicians together is so meaningful and powerful. You’re a force and I’m honored to know you.”

You can watch the Instagram stories below.