Gene Simmons Says Paul Stanley Is The Best Frontman In The Rock Scene

Gene Simmons recently shared a post on his Instagram account to celebrate his close friend and KISS’s frontman Paul Stanley’s birthday, but he was a bit too early. The fans noticed this early celebration and wanted to know whether he did it deliberately.

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley became friends when they founded a local band named Wicked Lester, which was known as Rainbow before, in 1970. The band is considered the predecessor of KISS, alongside marking the beginning of Simmons and Stanley’s longtime partnership as musical geniuses. The band signed a deal with Epic Records and recorded an album that wasn’t officially released back then.

However, neither Stanley nor Simmons were satisfied with the band’s musical style and direction, so they decided to leave Wicked Lester to create their own vision and music with a brand new band. They founded KISS in 1973, and the original lineup was completed after Peter Criss was hired as the drummer and Ace Frehley as the guitarist.

Even though KISS went through several lineup changes and other problems over the years, Stanley and Simmons stayed together to preserve the band’s success and legacy. Therefore, in his recent tweet, Simmons defined Stanley as the best frontman in the rock scene while celebrating his birthday five days earlier. While some fans questioned the bassist’s memory, the others stated that he was so excited that he wanted to wish him the best before anyone else.

Simmons’ tweet read:

Happy Birthday to the best frontman in the business. Proud to have shared the stage with you for close to half a century. You scaled the heights and proudly stand atop the mountain victorious. Wishing you and the Family my very best.”

A fan responded:

“Gene, you are 5 days early, but better than being late. You just made sure you were the first to wish him a happy birthday. That’s a very sweet message. The relationship the two of you have has been heartwarming & inspiring for me to watch my whole life.”

Another one added:

“Gene this was an awesome birthday message but you are 5 days early. Isn’t Paul’s birthday on the 20th?

You can check out the tweets below.