Lindsey Buckingham’s Wrong Prediction About Fleetwood Mac

You probably know all about how Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks were recruited or, more preferably, invited into Fleetwood Mac. And if we suppose you don’t know much about it, well, in that case, that’s alright because the legend goes that upon hearing the couple’s eponymous debut, ‘Buckingham Nicks,’ Mick Fleetwood decided to go ahead and reach out to Lindsey to invite him into the band, now without the legendary Peter Green.

So, Buckingham was eager to join Fleetwood Mac and work with some new bandmates, but he had one condition; if he were to be recruited into the band, then his beloved girlfriend, Stevie, would also be coming along. Well, the rest was history as Nicks has become one of the essences of what the band has stood out for the most.

Lindsey was pleased to have joined the band as he discussed how much he loved being a band member rather than a solo artist. This was because if the band were to fail, the responsibility would be equally shared, and he wouldn’t be the sole reason why an album or song didn’t appeal to the audience. Lucky for Buckingham, right?

Well, not so much, because only a few years later, from that interview where he stated his love for being in a band, the guitarist would be fired from Fleetwood Mac. And, even though he was recruited years after his departure, Fleetwood Mac would disband later on and leave Lindsey as a solo artist once again.

However, when Guitar World interviewed him, as a solo musician, in 2011, the guitarist had confidence that the band would reunite once again, and well, years proved to us that his prediction would come to life as Fleetwood Mac got together only a few years later. The point where he was wrong was something else since he believed that when the band eventually assembled, he would be there playing with them. Wrong.

“At some point, Fleetwood Mac probably will reconvene,” answered Lindsey when asked about what was awaiting the then-disbanded band in the future. “There is nothing on the books for that yet, but that seems to be the way things go. It’s been the way I’ve kept a certain balance for myself.”

He was sure that the band would reunite, and he would be there when that happened. The guitarist noted, “I’ve got that big machine, and I’ve got the small machine, and the two things seem to work very well when you can go from one to the other. Certainly, at some point down the line, you’ll see something else from Fleetwood Mac. But we haven’t put anything down on paper about that.”

So, Lindsey Buckingham was right about his guess that Fleetwood Mac would reunite, but he was wrong about the part that he would be there. Well, he was fired from the band, marking his second departure in 1987 due to the growing tensions with Stevie Nicks and his struggle with addiction.