Eric Clapton’s Daughter Believes Men Are Interested In Her Only Because Of Her Dad

During a recent appearance on Jackman Radio, Eric Clapton’s daughter, Ruth, some guys like her because of her dad.

She gave one man she saw as an example and shared:

“I’ll say is that the guy that she set me up with definitely I think was just in it for going to gigs and like going to the F1 and being with Eric Clapton’s daughter. I just think that was all it was. Now I don’t because I just think and so now as well, I’ve always had to worry about that.”

Ruth Doesn’t Want To Tell Who Her Father Is Immediately

When the host said it is probably in the back of her mind all the time, Ruth replied:

“Not even just romantically. With friends, too, but I don’t tell people. So I will leave it until probably the fifth date before I’ll say anything. I’ll just wait for it to come naturally but that can be quite tricky, too because then, they can be a bit annoyed that I haven’t told them until then. I’m like, ‘Well, I’m not asking who your dad is.'”

She Is A Musician Too

Ruth has been making music like her father and is also interested in fashion. She wrote in an Instagram post last year:

“Music and fashion have always been and always will be my two main passions. So, I consider myself very lucky to be able to express myself in both mediums alongside looking after my beautiful sons.”

Ruth has been covering other artists’ works for a while and she is also working on his own material. She previously revealed that she had been taking guitar lessons. Later, she made a new Instagram account just for her music.

You can watch the rest of her interview below.