Mike Shinoda Recalls Sharon Osbourne Insulting Linkin Park

Fusing two genres to create something unique, original, and resonating with people is a difficult task, yet Linkin Park accomplished it. They have had a great impact on the music world, and many genres accepted and welcomed their works. However, there was a time when Ozzy Osbourne’s manager and wife, Sharon Osbourne, did not accept Linkin Park as metal music and insulted them behind their backs.

It’s hard to believe that Linkin Park would be made fun of in any way, given that the band helped shape an entire generation with their songs. They were also invited by the Osbournes to Ozzfest and performed there at the beginning of their career. This was an important event for the band, but the Osbournes later showed that they didn’t invite them for the right reasons.

In an interview with Vulture, Mike Shinoda revealed that Sharon Osbourne called Linkin Park a band for girls. She said that was the reason they invited them and indicated that their value in the metal genre was nonexistent. The interviewer was surprised because Ozzfest was known to embrace them, but in reality, they just looked for simply metal bands.

Mike Shinoda first revealed:

“Our review in Rolling Stone was one paragraph, and I think they called us kids with hot-pink nail polish on our Nine Inch Nails. Sharon Osbourne said the only reason we’re including these bands on Ozzfest — and she meant us and Papa Roach and some others — is for the girls. The day before we played our first show of Ozzfest, and she’s already shit-talking us.”

The interviewer expressed his surprise:

“That’s wild because, on the fan end, Ozzfest is remembered for embracing those bands.”

Shinoda continued:

“Now, it’s known for that. Back then, it was just metal, metal, metal.”

We don’t know the current opinions of the Osbournes about Linkin Park or in general about the bands that didn’t stick to pure metal but spiced up their music with other genres. However, we do know that Linkin Park’s music or style is not just for girls.