Eddie Trunk On David Lee Roth’s Decision To Cancel Farewell Shows, ‘New Year, Same Shit’


Radio personality and talk show host Eddie Trunk recently posted a tweet in which he criticized David Lee Roth‘s decision to cancel his farewell shows.

Back on October 2, 2021, David Lee Roth announced that he had decided to retire after his last five shows at House of Blues at Mandalay Bay in January 2022. In the announcement, the musician also declared that this would be his last and only official announcement on this topic.

Following the news, some of his fans were disappointed, while others claimed that he would not retire and was just trying to attract attention. Among those who were unsure was Eddie Trunk, who posted a tweet to criticize DLR’s announcement by saying he is surprised at the reactions as almost no musician sticks to their decision when it comes to retiring.

Soon after that, Diamond Dave posted a promotional poster for his Las Vegas shows on his Twitter which was titled ‘The Last Tour (Unless It Isn’t).’ Exciting and confusing at the same time, this tweet suggested that although Roth stated he was quite sure about retiring, Trunk might be right.

After announcing that his final shows in Las Vegas have been canceled, Roth also canceled the remaining dates. According to the recent news, the shows planned to take place on January 5, 7, and 8 were canceled due to coronavirus concerns. Upon hearing this, Eddie Trunk decided to express his thoughts once again.

In his recent tweet, Eddie Trunk repeated that all of DLR’s Las Vegas performances were officially canceled. Following that, he implied that the pandemic’s negative impact on the music industry will continue in 2022 as well by exclaiming ‘new year, same shit.’

However, many believe this remark also refers to DLR’s retirement announcement, and in a way, proves that he was right when he said that not many people stick to their decisions. Time will tell whether Eddie Trunk’s hunch was correct.

Eddie Trunk’s tweet read:

“And it’s official. David Lee Roth’s entire Vegas run was canceled. New year, same shit it seems…

You can check out the tweet below.