Steve Vai Addresses David Lee Roth’s Retirement Decision

Steve Vai spoke about David Lee Roth’s recent retirement decision and stated that continuing for a long time is hard when you are a singer. He looked positively at the decision and wanted to celebrate him for ‘kindly bowing out.’

David Lee Roth had announced his retirement decision in late 2021. After the disbandment of Van Halen in 2020, following Eddie’s death, the singer continued to pursue his solo career. However, he made the sudden decision to retire and shocked his fans. Not wanting to leave without a goodbye, he scheduled five farewell shows and even extended some of the dates.

Because of the Covid pandemic, his dates went through cancellations, and the shows didn’t take place as planned. Yet, he concluded his career by bowing out and stating he would not perform again. While many musicians pursue their careers even after a certain age, Roth decided it was time for him to stop and didn’t give a specific reason for his decision.

In the past, Steve Vai had toured and recorded with David Lee Roth and is familiar with the musician. Recently, he addressed this sudden retirement decision and praised Roth for his contribution to music history. Vai stated that, especially if you’re a singer, the physical aspects of singing start to change as you age. He added that along with David Coverdale, they were a strong presence in the rock and roll world. So, he understands and supports their decision to quit at this point.

Here are Steve Vai’s words about DLR’s retirement:

“It’s really hard when you’re a singer, first of all. Once you start getting into your 50s, 60s, things change with your vocal cords. These guys are heroes — they came, and they delivered hard. And God bless them. And now that they’re at that point where they just wanna kind of gracefully bow out, I think that we should celebrate them.”

Watch his interview below.