M. Shadows Explains His Plans To Reward A7X Fans Using Streaming Data

Avenged Sevenfold singer M. Shadows offered to reward his fans for using a certain streaming platform.

With the low pay of certain platforms to artists, many people have been switching to other streaming services and platforms. The A7X singer recently shared a few tweets referring to this matter.

What Are M. Shadows’ Plans?

In the recently shared tweets, the rocker wanted to find out whether or not fans would switch to a certain platform if he were to give them rewards at the end of the year. He made a poll for fans to choose and wrote the following:

“If we partnered with a streaming service you were not currently using but at the end of the year we rewarded our top listeners with an authentication token that then worked toward points for free sh*t… (tickets, meet n greets, discounts) would you jump services?”

It must have been thought that M. Shadows was working on a new platform that a user pointed out to his other favorite artists needing to be on the platform as well to switch to another streaming platform. The rocker clarified with the following:

“Yes. I’m talking about the major streaming services… For example… If you are using Apple but Spotify allows the artists to reward the fans… Would you jump ship? Not talking about starting some janky service.”

Why Are People Switching Streaming Platforms?

The number of musicians withdrawing their music from certain platforms, namely Spotify, has been increasing recently. This year, Spotify paid artists approximately $0.003 to $0.005 per stream, causing many artists to draw their music back. It was also announced that next year the platform would be paying even less if a song is under a thousand streams.

This issue is not something new. In 2013, Thom Yorke of Radiohead called for a boycott of the service over unfair payments and removed all his solo projects from the platform. In 2017, he made them available once again on both Apple Music and Spotify.

You can see the tweets below.