David Lee Roth Cancels Retirement Shows, ‘A Funny Thing Happened’

David Lee Roth recently announced that his final shows before his retirement were canceled with a tweet and described the situation as ‘a funny thing that happened.’

Back on October 2, 2021, David Lee Roth announced his retirement after his last five shows at House of Blues at Mandalay Bay at the beginning of January 2022. In the statement he issued, the musician said this was his last and only announcement, and he won’t explain the statement further.

After the announcement, some music critics argued that Roth will continue making music, while some fans asked the musician not to leave the music scene yet. So, his retirement shows gathered enormous attention, and they were sold out quickly. As a result, Roth added a few more dates to say goodbye to his fans.

Although his fans were eager to see the musician on the stage for one last time, Roth recently announced that his final shows in Las Vegas have been canceled. Rumor has it that the reason for the cancelation was that there was a positive COVID-19 case in Roth’s crew. However, apart from the New Year’s Eve and New Year shows, the rest of the shows on January 5, 7, 8 were scheduled to continue.

Recently, Roth left his fans heartbroken after he decided to cancel the remaining shows he was scheduled to perform at the House of Blues in Las Vegas. According to Fox News, the shows which were to take place on January 5, 7, and 8 were canceled due to coronavirus concerns.

In a recent tweet, Roth posted an artwork with the title ‘A funny thing happened on the way to Las Vegas,’ referring to his recent decision to cancel the scheduled performances. Below the tweet, his fans expressed their sadness, but some stated that it isn’t funny since many fans have spent a lot of money.

You can check out David Lee Roth’s tweet below.