Will David Lee Roth Stick To His Retirement Decision? Van Halen Fans Are Not Sure

Following David Lee Roth’s recent retirement announcement, Van Halen fans started speculating whether he will stick to his retirement decision.

As you may know, Van Halen’s former frontman David Lee Roth announced that he will retire after completing his last five shows. He also stressed that this was his last and only official announcement. Therefore, Diamond Dave will bid farewell to the music scene following his five performances at House of Blues at Mandalay Bay at the beginning of January 2022.

After hearing the news, the radio personality and talk show host Eddie Trunk posted a tweet concerning the issue. He stated he is surprised at how people reacted to DLR’s announcement as almost no musician stands behind their word when it comes to retiring. Following that, fans started to share their thoughts below this tweet.

One of the fans said that R.E.M, Rush, and Led Zeppelin would be an example to the musicians who stuck to their decision. Moreover, another one agreed that Rush had done this in the right way.

On the other hand, some fans are unsure about Diamond Dave. One of them said that he thinks Roth will stop performing live but will embark on other projects like writing and recording. Another fan gave Ozzy Osbourne as an example and said he was also supposed to retire but is now working on his next album.

Eddie Trunk’s tweet read:

“It’s amazing to me how wrapped up people are getting in the David Lee Roth retirement announcement. Not because it’s not a big deal, but because pretty much no artist in history has ever played the farewell card and held to it!”

One of his followers then responded:

“Besides Rush, another example is R.E.M. Also, essentially Led Zeppelin – considering the literally hundreds of $$$ millions thrown at them to do a stadium tour, to play three shows in 45 years is astonishing discipline (mostly by Plant). But yeah, most don’t stick to it.

Another one added:

“Rush did it the right way. Even if Neil had not passed, I strongly doubt they would’ve ever performed together again. Ride off into the sunset with dignity and respect, not as a gimmick.”

Following that, one fan commented on David Lee Roth’s decision:

“I think he is walking away from performing live only. Not his art, writing, and recording, or other projects. I don’t think DLR will be like KISS and doing a 20+ year farewell tour. Just my $0.02.”

One of them then gave Ozzy as an example:

“Ozzy was supposed to retire 30 years ago with the No More Tours tour. No countless gigs, Ozzfest, and a few Sabbath reunion albums later, he is working on his next album.”

You can check out the tweets below.