Ed Sheeran Responds To Lewis Capaldi Starting A ‘F*ck You Ed’ Chant

Ed Sheeran and Lewis Capaldi have been involved in a (not-so-serious) feud for quite some time. Capaldi has made numerous of jokes and comments about the singer over the past few months. He now took things to a new level with his performance at BBC’s Radio 1 Big Weekend Festival.

While performing in Scotland, Capaldi jokingly made the comment:

“Ed is not here today. Yeah…fuck him!”

He then convinced the crowd to join him in a chant. The audience, with the musician, chanted:

“Fuck you Ed!”

Sheeran posted a video on his Instagram with the following caption:

“I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved, Lewis Capaldi.”

In the post, he shared the video of the performance, followed with Ed saying:

I thought we were friends, Lewis. I thought we were friends, you f…”

The feud first began in 2022, when Capaldi told a story about the musician on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. He mentioned going to see a house that Ed recommended he buy, only to find out that after he closed the deal, the place had a strong odor of cigarettes and feet. You can watch the interview down below, and see Sheeran’s post here.