Hayley Williams Warns Fans About The Risk That They Are Taking By Following Her Twitter Account

Paramore frontwomen Hayley Williams shared a post on her official Twitter page announcing a brand new update about her Twitter feed, revealing that she’s not going to delete any of her posts because of a typo and stated that if there’s any misunderstanding happens, it’s her followers taking the risk themselves.

As many of you know, Hayley Williams is quite an active social media user, especially on her official Twitter page on which she has a total of 5 million followers. When somebody has that many followers on their social media account, whenever there’s a misspelling happens, they feel the necessity to correct the mistake in order to clear the misunderstanding.

That’s exactly what Paramore’s lead vocalist has been doing due to the fact that while Hayley is a great songwriter, she has had plenty of typos on her Twitter account nearly all of which were hilarious, however, were always deleted or retweeted in order to be corrected.

Recently, Hayley Williams decided to be unapologetic about her misspellings on her official Twitter account and shared a post announcing that she’ll no longer correct those mistakes and warned her fans if they are triggered by typos, it’s them taking their own risk following her.

Here is what Williams said:

I will no longer be deleting and retweeting due to typos, which are many. you follow me at your own risk and I love that about you.”

You can see the Twitter post below.