Ted Nugent Admits He Was Struggling With His Guitar Tone


Ted Nugent recently talked about his ongoing tour and the difficulty he had during his recent live stream on YouTube. The Handsome Devil said he couldn’t find the right tone and explained the main reason behind that problem, still praising his performance.

Following his fifteenth studio album entitled ‘The Music Made Me Do It,’ released on November 9, 2018, Nugent gave almost four years of a break to his recording sessions. After a while, the musician shared the excellent and exciting news with his fans, saying that he started to work on writing and composing songs for his next record. Then, Nugent revealed that its name would be ‘Detroit Muscle,’ which he finally released on April 29, 2022.

Nugent’s tribute to his hometown Detroit and rock and roll roots received positive reviews from critics and longtime fans, especially after the guitarist had been in the headlines with his statements about US politics and government for a while. As a part of promoting his latest work, Nugent and his musicians began their Detroit Muscle 2022 Tour on July 15 in Clearwater, and it will end on August 27, 2022, in Fredericksburg.

During the conversation with his followers, Nugent admitted that he struggled with his guitar tone even though the tour was going amazing for them and the audience. The musician stated that one of his amplifiers that he had been using for years couldn’t help him to create the proper sound, and the flames, despite his touring members and crews’ efforts. He went on to say that nothing could stop them from playing their fantastic and unique songs.

Here’s what Nugent said:

“I was struggling. I’m not supposed to admit that, but we’re here on the Ted Nugent Spirit Campfire. Can you feel the flames? Mostly coming out of my ass. I was struggling with my guitar tone and didn’t know what had happened. My buddy Tim puts his heart and soul and Frank into the sound. We bust our bass to get the sound, but that one amplifier I’ve been using for so many years was not producing the fire. I don’t know if the people who were in the first ten rows could see.

But I was cringing; I still smiled because my songs and even our worst concert were awesome. Let’s admit that right now, even when my guitar tone isn’t the best, it can still kick, flame-throwing grinding backstrap gut pile, blood trail, barbecue, freedom juice. I performed such positive energy in spite of the difficulty I was having.”

You can check out the video and album below.