Depeche Mode Share Andy Fletcher’s Cause Of Death Upon His Family’s Request

Depeche Mode shared on Instagram the founder Andy Fletcher‘s cause of death as his family requested it to share with the fans.

Andy Fletcher was influenced by the punk rock genre when he was a teenager, and he grew up listening to the bands such as The Cure and Kraftwerk. In 1980, he established Depeche Mode with his fellow bandmates and released the debut album ‘Speak & Spell‘ the following year. The band gained success from the first record by reaching number ten on the UK Albums Chart.

Fletcher’s success with the band continued with the following works ‘A Broken Frame’ and ‘Construction Time Again.’ The single ‘People Are People’ from the 1984 album ‘Some Great Reward’ became the band’s first hit single reaching 13 on the Billboard Hot 100. They began to receive more global recognition with this album.

Throughout his career with the group, Fletcher contributed by playing electric and synth bass and dealing with financial and legal interests. He was also the spokesperson of the band. Unfortunately, Depeche Mode announced the previous month that Fletcher passed away at 60. The group asked fans to respect the family’s privacy regarding the cause of the rocker’s passing.

Recently, the band explained the reason for Fletcher’s death as the family requested them to share it with the fans. The group thanked fans for sharing their posts since Fletcher’s passing and supporting the band members and the family. They announced that the rocker died due to aortic dissection and that his death was painless.

In their IG post, Depeche Mode wrote:

“We wanted to take a moment and acknowledge the outpouring of love for Andy we’ve seen from all of you over the last few weeks. It’s incredible to see your photos, read your words, and see how much Andy meant to all of you. As you can imagine, it’s been a strange, sad, disorienting few weeks for us here, to say the least. But we’ve seen and felt your love and support, and we know that Andy’s family has too.

A couple of weeks ago, we received the result from the medical examiners, which Andy’s family asked us to share with you now. Andy suffered an aortic dissection while at home on May 26. So, even though it was far, far too soon, he passed naturally and without prolonged suffering.”

The band also revealed that they celebrated Fletcher’s life with a beautiful ceremony in the previous days. They said they talked about the rocker’s great memories with his family and friends. The band members noted they would never forget and miss Andy Fletcher forever.

The post continued:

“We had a celebration of Andy’s life in London last week, which was a beautiful ceremony and gathering with a few tears, but filled with the great memories of who Andy was, stories of all of our times together, and some good laughs. Andy was celebrated in a room full of many of his friends and family, our immediate DM family, and so many people who have touched Andy’s and our lives throughout the years.

All being together was a very special way to remember Andy and see him off. So thank you for all of the love you’ve shown Andy and his family and friends over the last few weeks. It honestly means the world to all of us. Andy, you’ll be missed but certainly not forgotten.”

You can see the IG post below.

Photo Credit: Depeche Mode – Instagram