John Mulaney Recalls The ‘Womanizer’ Joke That Triggered Mick Jagger

John Mulaney recently joined Hot Ones and revealed how Mick Jagger turned down an SNL joke about his ‘womanizing.’

The ‘vetoing’ took place when the Rolling Stones frontman hosted SNL in 2012, and Mulaney, before giving more details, first recalled what the ‘womanizer joke’ was:

“[The joke Mick turned down was] ‘Hey everyone, I’m Mick Jagger, so mothers lock up your daughters, and daughters lock up your mothers.'”

The comedian then revealed how Jagger vetoed the line and refused to read it before the SNL audience:

“He listened [to the joke] and said, ‘Nah, I don’t like that.’ I actually remember I made Seth Meyers read that one.”

Well, as it seemed that Mick was no fan of Mulaney’s go at his ‘womanizing,’ the rocker’s ‘complex‘ dating history might suggest why he was so ‘bothered’ by a simple joke.

So, Jagger is rumored to have been with thousands of women, and among the honoraries are names such as Angelina Jolie, Marianne Faithfull, and Minnie Driver.

However, there also appeared to be a fellow rocker who refused Sir Mick’s advances, and you can check out to discover and learn all about the woman who refused the Rolling Stones singer.