Was John Lennon Decent Guitar Player Or Not? Heart Guitarist Explains

Heart guitarist Nancy Wilson spoke in s recent interview with Gibson TV and talked about the guitarist that influenced his career.

In the conversation, Nancy mentioned that The Beatles recycled the blues and soul music and said that they were a pretty great band that played so many live shows all around the world.

Furthermore, he wanted to point out John Lennon as a rhythm guitarist and praised his guitar-playing skills by saying that he was such a great guitarist who never ahead of the tempo.

While Nancy was talking about how a great guitarist John Lennon was, he also revealed that Lennon is one of the guitarists that influenced his career alongside Led Zeppelin’s iconic guitarist Jimmy Page.

Interviewer asked:

“Who were some of your guitar influences when you were starting out?”

Nancy Wilson replied:

“Well, The Beatles, obviously. They had that incredible sound that only they had, coming from England and all that, recycling kind of blues and soul music back to America from the English perspective, and they were such a tight band because they played everywhere for a long time first.

Like in Germany, they played many sets per night, getting good. John Lennon is such a good rhythm guitar player, he was never ahead of the tempo, he was always just perfectly behind, relaxed sounding rhythm player.

So he was one of my biggest influences, and Jimmy Page, obviously. A lot of the acoustic stuff I got from Paul Simon, Simon & Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, a huge influence on my acoustic playing.”

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