Andy Biersack Opens Up About The Development Process Of Black Veil Brides’ New Album

Black Veil Brides lead vocalist Andy Biersack opened up about the upcoming album of theirs, ‘The Phantom Tomorrow’ revealing that the fans may be able to see the album sooner than expected and more tracks than anticipated due to the fact that the band has been creating better and more music.

As you may know, Black Veil Brides released a brand new song named ‘Scarlet Cross’ back in November 2020 in addition to a brand new music video for their song. The band also has announced that the music video is the first in a series that will follow the story of their upcoming album’s main character The Blackbird.

With the release of their new track, Black Veil Brides also announced their upcoming sixth studio album named ‘The Phantom Tomorrow.’ While the band did not reveal an exact release date, the album is to be released in 2021, however, fans cannot wait to hear the band’s brand new album.

During a recent interview with Audio Ink Radio Podcast, Andy Biersack was asked about whether the Black Veil Brides guitarist Jinxx is still working on the record or is he done with recording the album. Biersack revealed that all of the band members have been enjoying recording the album.

So much that they are writing better material every time which probably leads the album to be finished before the anticipated release date and with more tracks than expected. Fans are thrilled to hear the good news from the frontman and now expecting the album to be released.

Here is what the interviewer said:

“You mentioned that Jinxx is still working on the record, so it’s not quite done yet?”

Here is what Biersack said:

“Here’s the thing, we’ve just been enjoying doing this so much that what initially we projected to be the end date, and when we thought we’d be done with the material, has kind of been pushed back a little bit because we’re just really enjoying writing.

And we think we’re writing better and better stuff. So the reality is I think you’re going to see stuff a little bit sooner than anticipated and you’re going to see more stuff through the long run.”

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