Mike Shinoda Shuts Down Linkin Park Reunion

Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda recently revealed during a Twitch live stream that he talks to the rest of the band every few weeks, but they have no plans for new music or live shows.

On July 20, 2017, Linkin Park lost their lead singer Chester Bennington due to suicide by hanging. A few months later, the band came together at the Hollywood Bowl for a tribute concert titled ‘Linkin Park and Friends: Celebrate Life in Honor of Chester Bennington’ to celebrate the late singer. It marked the band’s first performance after Bennington’s passing. In the three-hour-long event, multiple guests joined the group on the stage to perform Linkin Park songs.

The band has been on hiatus since their lead singer’s death. They have not performed together again following that tribute concert. Linkin Park released an anniversary edition of their debut album, ‘Hybrid Theory,’ in 2020, but they haven’t released any new music since 2017. They have not officially announced if they intend to continue without Bennington.

During his recent Twitch live stream, Mike Shinoda opened up about the band’s future by saying that the band has no plans for new music or live shows anytime soon. However, he also revealed he talks to the rest of the group every few weeks, but it shouldn’t raise the fans’ hopes about any plans. Shinoda explained that he doesn’t want to create expectations right now as he doesn’t want to disappoint the fans. Thus, they prefer to stay silent, at least for now.

Mike Shinoda’s statements on the future of Linkin Park:

“The only Linkin Park news I have for you is that… Yeah, we talk every few weeks. I talk to the guys or some of the guys. And there’re no tours, no music, and no albums in the pipeline. Okay, so let me just tell you that. So just keep in your mind that that is not happening.

I’m just going to say that much for now. I say that because anytime the band says anything or does anything, everyone tries to start up the hype train, and we’re, like, ‘No, no, no, no. Don’t start up the hype train.’ You’re going to disappoint yourself. Don’t do that.”

You can watch Shinoda talk about Linkin Park below.