Dee Snider Names The Most Underrated Singer Who Is Second Only To Freddie Mercury


Dee Snider recently Tweeted about a fallen star that was a talented vocalist in his time. He stated that this vocalist comes second to only the iconic Queen singer Freddie Mercury with his vocal talents.

Freddie Mercury left the world in grief when he passed away in 1991. He took his four-octave wide range voice with him, which made him the legend he is today. He is regarded as one of the best if not the best vocalist of all time. Not just his vocals but also his songwriting skills, unique performances, and being true to oneself advocacy have been inspiring people ever since he caught his fame with Queen.

Musicians also accepted him as the greatest vocals of all time, and he has been named as an influence and an inspiration to all genres. Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider also recently named him the best and also put another name that comes right after him. According to Snider, Humble Pie’s late Steve Marriott is the second to Mercury in vocals.

A fan recently tweeted Steve Marriott singing ‘Black Coffee’ and stated that no one tops this performance. Snider replied to the tweet by saying that Marriott is the most underrated singer of all time and that he comes second only to Freddie Mercury. He also hoped he rests in peace as he died the same year as Mercury in 1991 in a tragic fire accident.

A user shared Steve Marriott’s ‘Black Coffee’ and commented by saying:

Nobody could top this in my honest opinion.”

Snider replied to the tweet with his opinions:

“Singularly the most underrated singer of all time! He should be second only to Freddie Mercury on any greatest rock singer list. Those who know, know. Those who don’t are simply missing out on mind-blowing greatness! RIP Steve Marriott.”

You can see the tweets below.