The Disastrous End Of Steve Marriott From Humble Pie

Steve Marriott was a beloved rock star who influenced various icons in his long career, spanning more than three decades. He was a free-spirited man who focused on his music in his league. Other notable vocalists like Ozzy Osbourne, Paul Stanley, and Steve Perry described him as one of the most talented vocalists. Considering what else he might have contributed to the rock and roll world if only he had lived more than 44 years is heartbreaking.

His tragic death undoubtfully affected his family, friends, and fans, but it was also a massive loss for rock and roll. Known as the father of the band Humble Pie, he lived through to partake in other bands before that. He tried to hold on to the industry while succeeding in preserving his original self and style. Hence comes the inspiration that is talked about by the other icons.

Steve Marriott Had A Prospering Career

Steve Marriott was very young when he decided to spend the rest of his life in the arts. He considered being an actor and partook in plays in his school years. He got enrolled in Italia Conti Academy and began his acting career. After landing a few roles, he lost interest in acting and turned his attention back to his first passion, music.

He was playing, singing, and writing songs at the time. In 1965 he joined Small Faces and released six albums with the band. Marriott formed Humble Pie as a supergroup with Peter Frampton, Greg Ridley, and Jerry Shirley four years later. They took several hiatuses, but in the 1990s, they were in the States working on new songs. However, Marriott had a change of heart and left the country sooner than he thought he would, therefore, not completing the project.

How Did Steve Marriott Die?

His career and life were cut short after a horrifying accident in 1991. Marriott was in the process of recording songs in the USA for a future album with his band Humble Pie. Yet, he had returned to his house in the UK. Around six in the morning, the fire brigades came to his house to find it burning and smoking. The firefighters’ job was challenging as even they had a hard time getting upstairs to his bedroom.

The fire started due to a lit cigarette on the bed as Marriott must have fallen asleep due to jet lag. It’s even more tragic that Marriot’s body was found between the window and the bed, meaning he had tried to escape but failed fatally. The fire officer was a fan of the talented vocalist, and he talked about their attempts to save him during the rescue attempt. Although they weren’t successful in keeping him from the fire, they rescued his instruments.

Here are the firefighter’s words:

“It was a tough fight getting upstairs. We searched the bedroom areas, and it was very hot. We knew immediately that no one could have survived the fire. We began to feel around the walls and discovered him lying on the floor between the bed and the wall. I would say he had been in bed and tried to escape. As soon as I saw the body clearly I knew who it was.

I used to be a fan. It’s difficult to put my feelings into words. The scene was horrific in that corner of the room. I saw him lying there and thought what a pity it all was. I deal with many fires, but this one was like walking down memory lane. We managed to salvage all his guitars and musical equipment. I feel a bit upset; all the firemen do. It was like seeing part of our lives gone forever.”

It’s always a shame seeing a star fall down the sky of rock and roll or any other industry. With his wide range of solo discography and his two bands, Small Faces and Humble Pie, he left an enormous legacy in the music world. Countless rock and roll fans still listen to him and make sure his legacy continues to other generations in all its prosperity.