Stryper’s Michael Sweet Shares Sad Announcement About His Voice

Stryper’s Michael Sweet confessed a few things about his voice troubles. He mentioned that he wants his voice to be perfect after the surgery, but it’s not.

The rocker took to Instagram to open up about the first time he sang live since his thyroidectomy surgery. He wrote:

“Well, I sang live for the first time since my thyroidectomy surgery and I’m not gonna lie – I was very nervous and worried about the outcome. I got through the sets without incident but my voice (more so muscles) definitely feel different.”

Although he wants the shows to be perfect, he is aware that things change and both his surgery and age affect the outcome:

“I’m a perfectionist so I want everything to sound perfect. It doesn’t. We don’t. But I sure strive for that and want to bring the best show possible to all of you. I hate feeling like I let you down. It’s a high hurdle to get over and I always want to bring 100%. Unfortunately as age settles in, things change and you do your best to work with that and work through that. I’m working hard. I really hope you all are still enjoying the show and enjoying what we do live.”

New Album And Voice Concerns

On December 15, Sweet had thyroidectomy surgery to remove part of his thyroid gland. After he was out of surgery, he shared on his social media accounts that he was feeling ‘relatively good.’

A few months after the announcements, the rocker revealed that the band would be releasing new music soon. However, he also added that he was concerned about his voice. He said:

“I must admit that I was a little nervous about my voice but in all sincerity, it seems fine to me. I didn’t have any trouble tracking vocals and if anything, it seemed a little easier this time around.”

Even though there are some challenges, the next album is a really special album for Sweet:

“I have to say that this album has a very special signature. It has a heaviness yet at the same time, a very melodic approach and a bit more of a ‘sing-along’ style when it comes to the choruses. I’m really pleased with the results and I truly believe it will be at the top of everyone’s ‘best of’ list. There are some stand out tracks to my ears already but I won’t go into details quite yet.”

The rocker also revealed that Stryper would be back to their ‘pop metal’ sound. There are no details about the album’s name or when it will be out.