Dee Snider Names The Game Changing AC/DC Album


Dee Snider recently attended an interview with The Metal Circus TV and revealed the AC/DC album that changed his life and talked about it.

After Snider joined Twisted Sister in 1976, he became the band’s primary songwriter. Their third album, ‘Stay Hungry,’ was released in 1984, and the tracks ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It,’ and ‘I Wanna Rock’ became their most known and successful songs after the album’s release. ‘Stay Hungry’ became the band’s most successful record.

Of course, it always sparks curiosity to find out where the inspiration and creativity come from while working on songs and albums. In his recent interview, Snider revealed various legendary bands have inspired him during the songwriting and creation process and stressed that especially AC/DC was a game-changer for him.

Here is what he said in the interview:

“AC/DC, ‘If You Want Blood, You Got It,’ a game-changing record for me! Discovering AC/DC, I was getting much more into the busier type of metal, the way you hear on songs like ‘Under the Blade,’ or ‘Burn in Hell,’ things that were very naughty and busy and fast.

But when I discovered AC/DC, they brought me back to the beauty of straight-ahead rock and roll. This is all you need for greatness, and AC/DC has been doing it for decades now, just straight-ahead rock ‘n’ roll. So, that album.”

Snider’s game-changer AC/DC album ‘If You Want Blood, You Got It’ was the band’s first live album, released in 1978. It included tracks from many of their albums, including their legendary album ‘Let There Be Rock.’ The entire tracklisting was recorded at a concert in Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, and even though all concerts were filmed, not all were released to the public. After its release, the album ranked No. 2 on Classic Rock magazine’s list of 50 Greatest Live Albums Ever.

You can watch the interview below.