Dee Snider Gets Emotional While Expressing His Feelings About Jamming With His Band After 2 Years

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider has recently posted a tweet on his Twitter that shows his sentimental side as he reflected his emotions about performing with his band for the first time in 2 years. As one may perceive after seeing his addition to the tweet, he seems he was emotionally affected by the conditions caused by the pandemic.

As you may know, Dee Snider focused on his solo career after he left Twisted Sister at the time when the band achieved a considerable reputation internationally back in the 1980s. He still had his name frequently mentioned with his side projects and his successful solo career.

Moreover, he had announced a new album he has been working on named ‘Leave a Scar,’ which is going to be released on July 30. After the release of ‘For the Love of Metal’ in 2018, which was his latest solo album, this fresh new project will be Snider’s fifth solo album.

In his recent tweet, Snider said he still needed to rock and had something to say after what he thought was his last performance. Considering the pandemic conditions these days, he stated that he was heading for rehearsals after a long time, being fully vaccinated. In a consecutive tweet yesterday, he seemed emotional as he stated that the band hugged each other after two long years, without the fear of COVID as they were vaccinated. Snider then added that this was an amazing experience.

Here is what Snider said in the first tweet:

“Almost two years ago I did what I thought was my final show. Then Covid hit & the world went crazy. I realized I had something to say. I realized I still needed to rock. So today I head into rehearsals for the first time in a while. Fully vaccinated we will rock like it’s 2019!”

He then added to this tweet in another one of his tweets:

“When I walked into rehearsal yesterday, after almost two years apart, the band and I did what was natural for friends to do, we hugged each other. No fear of Covid. We are all 100% vaccinated!! It was amazing!!

See his tweets below.