Brian May Shows The Simple Way Of How To Reach Peaceful Life, ‘It’s All In Our Head’

Recently, the lead guitarist of Queen, Brian May shared a fan art picture of himself and told how people can reach a fulfilling and peaceful life by realizing everything is in their heads in his Instagram account.

Like almost every person on Earth, 2020 was a very challenging and near-death experience for Brian May too. Apart from the problems of the global pandemic, May realized that he had three blocked arteries after he had a small injury while gardening. After he accidentally learned the critical issue in his heart, three stents were implanted to it. Then, he advised his friends and fans over sixty years old to have an angiogram.

After this painful process, he was very grateful for his fans’ support and love by sharing their fan arts picturing him. Also, on his 73rd birthday, the Queen legend thanked them for their birthday wishes and expressed his emotions in his Instagram post. He connected with his fans at times of both joy and sadness. 

May has always been a close relationship with his fans. He always sees their efforts to reach him and tries to show his appreciation for them. He is an artist who is connected to his fans. A short time ago, he shared another fan art of himself that describes what he feels this morning. He said that all our feelings, pains, disappointments, pleasures were in our heads and people can reach happiness and peace by accepting the reality of our minds’ creations.

Here’s what he wrote:

“Good Morning folks. This is how I feel this morning. Hope you’re all finding a good place in your head today. Because ... it’s all in our head, right? All our perceptions, all our hopes, and dreams, disappointments, pleasure, pain. This is our reality. Enjoy this day. And thanks Nenu Arts for this portrait. —- Bri.”

You can see the photo below.

Photo Credit: Brian May – Instagram