Sebastian Bach Targets The ‘Idiot Rockers’ Who Support Guns Rights

Former Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach argued in his recent tweets that regulations on weapons usage should be introduced, especially mentioning the most recent school shooting in Texas. Bach stated that the rockers who advocated gun rights acted irrationally.

A school shooting is a widespread attack worldwide and is called a massacre. These massacres have been seen much more frequently in the United States from the past to today. According to research, the reason for these attacks is based on psychological disorders, being a victim of bullying, and not being under family supervision. Another critical reason is easy access to weapons in the country, which many people have discussed for years.

According to the recent news, an 18-year-old young male attacked an elementary school in Texas. The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, confirmed that the attacker was a young man named Salvador Ramos and that the police intervened. It is recorded that the assailant used a pistol and an AR-15-style rifle.

Many people reacted to this news on social media, and Skid Row’s former vocalist Sebastian Bach was one of them. Bach stated that he was tired of these happenings. The vocalist asked President Joe Biden for help finding a solution to these incidents to protect the children in the United States. He also indicated those who take such cases as normal have an unhealthy mind. The rocker put a hashtag at the end of the tweet to draw attention to gun control.

Sebastian Bach wrote in his words:

“Enough of this bullsh*t. President Joe Biden, please help for God’s Sakes and the safety of our children; anyone who thinks this is normal is quite obviously sick in the head.”

In another tweet, Bach mentioned that the rockers who advocate gun possession should understand that these attacks are an essential issue in the United States. Although some Twitter users questioned whether he talked about Ted Nugent, the rocker who advocated individual gun ownership, Bach did not respond to these questions.

Sebastian Bach wrote in another tweet:

“All the idiot rockers who won’t shut the f*ck up about guns and/or President Joe Biden need to try and comprehend this in their f*cked up feeble brains.”

You can see the tweets below.