David Lee Roth Sheds Lights On His Unorthodox Lifestyle After The Retirement

David Lee Roth recently revealed how he’s remained at the top of his game via a YouTube video.

If you know anything about Roth, then you might be familiar with his avid interest in Eastern martial arts, as the rocker often discusses his practices of kendo, kenjutsu, and karate.

So, in a recent clip titled ‘Inazuma II,’ the 68-year-old singer showed off his skills with a katana, revealing he’s still got the dexterity and fitness of a ‘showman’ despite his ‘retirement,’ thanks to his practices of martial sports. One follower even commented:

“Nice disciplined moves! Kept Dave in shape all these years.”

His other followers also seemed to love the sword show Roth put on, as comments paid the singer respect and tribute, with one praising his ‘showmanship,’ saying:

“[Dave is] Always the supreme showman.”

Another one added how they felt Dave was ‘an inspiration:’

“Dave, you are the man. What an inspiration to people our age. Bless you, my brethren.”

Others carried on their appraisals with similar words, as many appreciated the ‘respect’ Roth had for his studies. One comment said:

“You can see the hours Dave put into learning this weapon.”

Well, although the singer had made numerous decisions to ‘retire’ and go off the grit from the spotlight in the past, he’d usually decided to ignore those decisions and carry on with his stage shows anyways. From what his followers felt, it might be safe to say that the 68-year-old rocker’s dedication to martial arts helped him remain at the top of his game during his rather ‘energic‘ stage shows and not retire.

If you wish to check out what moves Roth can do with a katana, you can watch the video below.