David Lee Roth Says He’s In The Middle Of His First Retirement

After his retirement and last five shows announcement, David Lee Roth has now added more dates to his farewell tour. In his recently shared audio, the musician responded to those who criticized him for not having retired already and said he is still in the middle of his first retirement.

Diamond Dave has been the vocalist of Van Halen on and off for years. When Van Halen was on an unofficial break in 2019, there were rumors that they would disband. This was actualized after the death of their beloved guitarist Eddie Van Halen in 2020, and their reunion remained a dream.

Even though David Lee Roth continued with his solo career and was even supposed to tour with KISS during their farewell tour, his gig got canceled, and he recently announced his retirement. The musician stated that he would perform five final shows to say goodbye to fans, and his announcement received mixed responses as some claimed he did it for the press while others asked him not to retire.

In recent audio published by Ultimate Rock on their YouTube channel, DLR said he is adding more dates to say goodbye to his fans because they are being sold out. He started by saying that he was surprised to see how many people were rushing to see him for the last time, which is why he’s adding a few more dates. He also said that the ‘industry professionals’ are telling him that he should have retired a long time ago, and DLR responded to that comment by stating that he is still in the middle of his first retirement.

Here is what he stated in the audio:

“David Lee here. I had no idea how many people wanted to see me go. Okay, that sounded wrong. All right. Don’t turn it off. David Lee is here, for the second time. I had no idea how many of you wanted to pay to see me go. So I’m putting more tickets on sale, instead of doing the wrong thing and pissing more people off.

I have industry professionals now ringing in, telling me, ‘Dave, at your age, you should be in the middle of your third retirement. Did you watch ‘Rocky’ movies? He’s on his seventh. Same guy, ‘Rambo’ — fifth. He’s about 14 retirements ahead of you.’ Just when I get out, they drag me back in.

Look, I’m vulnerable. I feel sensitive. If I sound that way to you, I’m in the middle of my first retirement. And I’m gonna extend my world goodbye tour of Las Vegas at the House Of Blues for two more weekends — like any good fucking barbecue. Just like you would, if you could.

You can listen to the audio and see the newly announced dates below.