The Affair Yoko Ono Set Up For John Lennon

From what the media, his fans, and his bandmates witnessed, John Lennon couldn’t possibly be more in love with Yoko Ono. The pair was inseparable as Ono would be beside Lennon wherever the rocker needed to be. So much so that, John would bring her to studio sessions and even a few of the Beatles’ photoshoots.

Shooting a few snapshots of the band alongside Yoko probably wasn’t what the photographers or the Beatles fans had been looking for. So, when the band disbanded in 1970, Ono had her share of slings and arrows, accusing her of being one of the elements leading up to the act’s dissolution.

Things weren’t going the best for the young woman, who always got a few snides from the media. And perhaps, it felt to Yoko that her relationship with John was also falling apart as the two had started to argue and disagree more and more each day by 1973. Evidently, the honeymoon phase was over, but Ono found a way to make things work out.

Worried that Lennon would have affairs with other women, Ono agonized over the issue and brought out her solution: to set up an affair before her rocker husband found one of his own. There was even a candidate for John’s possible love interest, who was his assistant and his ten-years-junior May Pang.

Yoko probably recalled her husband uttering a few words about finding Pang sexually appealing. Hence, she set up a meeting with the assistant and convinced her that she needed some time apart from John and that May would be the perfect woman to fill her place. Even though the young assistant hesitated to have an affair with her married boss, Ono eased her worries and eventually persuaded her.

Pang talked about this conversation during a 2011 interview. Later, John’s widow also confirmed May’s statements during a chat with Larry Kane and accepted that she’d arranged the affair after the couple briefly separated in 1973.

The ‘Lost Weekend,’ the phrase the Beatles icon would use to refer to their time together, a total of a year and a half, may have been the happiest he’d ever been, as he revealed while also chatting with Larry Kane. During his time with May, the two lived in Los Angeles for a while as Lennon worked with Phil Spector and produced Harry Nilsson’s album, ‘Pussy Cats.’ He also made a few naughty scenes with mischievous Nilsson, resulting in the two getting branded as bad boys.

In 1974, John decided it would be nice to live together with his fellow rockers so that no one would get into the studio late, and Pang rented a beach house in Santa Monica where the guest had the iconic names of Ringo Starr and Keith Moon. Also, during this time, May helped Julian Lennon reconnect with his father and arranged for the two to get together.

Julian recalled these times fondly in a 2009 interview with Richard Brooks:

“Dad and I got on a great deal better then. We had a lot of fun, laughed a lot, and had a great time in general when he was with May Pang.”

However, the young Lennon wasn’t the only person May helped John reconcile. She also arranged for Paul McCartney to reconnect with his former bandmate and friend as the two Beatles stars performed for the first time in 1974 after the band had broken up.

Then May and John returned to New York as John quit drinking right about this period and had a little adventure upon claiming to have witnessed a UFO flying over their apartment. However, perhaps, as with all good things, their little ‘affair’ also had to end as Yoko decided that she had been separated from John long enough.

Thus, the couple got back together after May had spent a year and a half with John, after helping him reconcile with his son and former bandmate and running from one adventure to another. Their relationship was brief but perhaps fruitful; as we’ve mentioned, John would call it one of the best times of his life.