David Lee Roth Reveals The Origins Of The ‘Diamond Dave’ Nickname

Former Van Halen vocalist and current visual artist, David Lee Roth, recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and showed off his new artwork which told the story of the racist guy that worked as the band’s security and was caught stealing who after being fired verbally harassed Roth.

As you know, David Lee Roth is one of the most famous frontmen in rock history and he achieved worldwide fame as that frontman of Van Halen from 1974 to 1985, then in 1996, and finally from 2006 until Van Halen’s disbandment. However, in the past year, he’s been making it to the headlines of rock news with his visual artwork, which sometimes features political and social issues, or Diamond Dave’s personal experiences, such as running away from the cops while cycling in the neighborhood that he and the Van Halens grew up in.

With his recent tweet, Roth shared another story that has apparently left a lot of memories. In his first sketch, Diamond Dave portrayed an angry guy, walking around with something like a log, and breaking down stuff. He reminds us of the security guy Jimmy that Roth had mentioned in his previous sketches, as he walks around shouting that he hasn’t stolen anything. He keeps shouting racial slurs and threatening Roth. He insists on calling Roth, and even though the rockstar changes his number, Jimmy still finds a way to call him four more times.

In the second sketch, Roth has portrayed ‘Jimmy II’ who has come to the ‘2 Seasons Hotel’ to replace the original troublemaker Jimmy. In the third caricature, Roth compares the two Jimmys and says that they’re identical, as they have the ‘same face, same body, same Pitkin Ave. cabstand accent’ and they are both classic 9 planets guys. Jimmy II also ‘tries to sell dope to everybody on the tour’ and keep calling David Lee Roth Diamond Dave.’

In the final caricature, Diamond Dave explains the 9 planets practices, which seem to have been unknown to most of his fans. Apparently, as there are nine planets in the universe and nine holes in your body you need to ‘stick your fingers in all of them’ while saying a bunch of famous film names and some of their catch-phrases. Roth’s post received dozens of comments, most of which expressed their confusion about the story but still applauded David’s artistic endeavors. However, there were some who asked him to stopscribbling all this shit‘ and start ‘working on an album.’

Here’s the first part of the story:

“You piece-a-shit.

Nobody says I’m stealing, this ain’t over, I don’t care what you’re doing. I’m going to find it. Find it and bring you down asshole. Bring you down… You Jew fuckin’ mother

I get a new phone, somehow he gets my number, he calls 4 more times. ‘Who the fuck do you think it is?'”

This is what was narrated in the second sketch:

“5 days later Jimmy Part II shows up.”

Here’s the third sketch:

“Jimmy Part II is an identical human being. Same face, same body, same Pitkin Ave. cabstand accent. Classic 9 planets guy. Tries to sell dope to everybody on the tour, he calls me Diamond Dave.’

Jimmy Part II didn’t know I had douche-ray-vision.”

Finally, Diamond Dave explained the 9 Planets practices:

“9 Planets:

There are 9 planets in the solar system.

There are 9 holes in your body.

Stick your fingers in all of them constantly while you practice these exercises.

– The ‘Godfather’

Start ‘reaching out,’ ‘go to the mattresses.’

– ‘Mean Streets’

– ‘Good Fellas’

– ‘Raging Bull’

Learn to ‘forget about it’ then ‘do the right thing’

– ‘The Sopranos’


Here’s what a fan commented under DLR’s recent artwork:

“We love you Dave, but instead of scribbling all this shit how about working on an album? After that, you could even tour!”

This is what another one said:

“Hey Dave, is that your art? I like it! I don’t quite understand everything, the mark of true art, bravo!”

You can check out David Lee Roth’s tweet below.