5 Hollywood Undead Songs Linkin Park Fans Would Love

Hollywood Undead, a band known for its unique fusion of rap and rock, has been a favorite among fans of both genres. Just like Linkin Park, they have contributed immensely to the blending of these two musical styles. It’s only natural that comparisons between the bands are made, as it’s not just about rapping over hard guitar sounds but also about captivating the listener in a unique way. Our purpose today is not to compare and contrast but to showcase some fantastic rap/rock songs that Linkin Park fans should definitely listen to if they’re craving more of this style.

1. Undead (2008)

‘Undead’ is a powerful track from Hollywood Undead’s debut album, ‘Swan Songs,’ released in 2008. This song has an uncanny resemblance to Linkin Park’s style and has garnered over 218 million listens on Spotify. The song was used as the theme song for the 2009 edition of WWE’s SummerSlam event, further showcasing its energy and impact.

2. Lion (2013)

‘Lion’ comes from Hollywood Undead’s third studio album, ‘Notes from the Underground,’ released in 2013. This song tackles social issues with its thought-provoking lyrics, and its sound is reminiscent of Linkin Park’s earlier work. The combination of powerful guitar riffs and meaningful lyrics make ‘Lion’ a must-listen for fans of the rap/rock genre.

3. Day of the Dead (2015)

‘Day of the Dead’ is the title track of Hollywood Undead’s fourth album, released in 2015. It’s one of the band’s heaviest releases, featuring thunderous guitar riffs. Often referred to as the band’s anthem, ‘Day of the Dead’ made it to number seventeen on the Billboard Rock Songs chart, despite receiving negative remarks from critics for its lyrics.

4. We Are (2012)

‘We Are’ is a track from Hollywood Undead’s 2012 album, ‘Notes from the Underground.’ The song’s sound and structure resemble Linkin Park’s unique style, making it another excellent choice for fans of the rap/rock genre. Its catchy melody and lyrics will surely hook you and give you a lasting impression.

5. Been to Hell (2011)

‘Been to Hell’ is a captivating track from Hollywood Undead’s 2011 album, ‘American Tragedy.’ With a sound that echoes Linkin Park’s intensity, the song delves into the vulnerability of young people who flock to Los Angeles with dreams of fame in the entertainment industry. Its powerful message and captivating sound make ‘Been to Hell’ a must-listen for rap/rock enthusiasts.

A Treasure Of Rap/Rock

Hollywood Undead’s music offers a treasure trove of rap/rock tracks that Linkin Park fans will undoubtedly appreciate. From the thundering riffs of ‘Day of the Dead’ to the thought-provoking lyrics of ‘Lion,’ these songs exemplify the unique fusion of rap and rock that has captivated listeners for years. So, next time you’re in the mood for some rap/rock, give these Hollywood Undead tracks a spin—you won’t be disappointed.