Courtney Love Hints At Hole’s Return

Courtney Love, in a recent surprise performance in London, hinted at a potential return of Hole, stirring excitement among fans of the group.

During a spontaneous onstage appearance with Billie Joe Armstrong’s side project, The Coverups, in London, Love dropped a significant hint about the future of Hole. The band, which has been on an indefinite hiatus, has seen sporadic talks of reunions over the years, but Love’s latest statement has reignited hopes for fans. Before leaving the stage, she announced:

“Later… I’ll be back in Hole.”

A Rollercoaster Of Reunion Talks

Hole’s journey has been marked by its ups and downs, with talks of reunions often leading to dead ends. Since their last album in 2010, the possibility of the classic lineup reuniting has been a topic of much speculation. Despite a brief onstage gathering in 2012 and Love’s various statements over the years swinging between hope and dismissal of a reunion, the band’s future has remained uncertain.

Love’s 2019 comments suggested a reunion might be on the horizon, only for her to later dismiss the idea in 2021, stating:

“No, absolutely not. And you guys have gotta get over it. Our old manager Peter Mensch calls once a year to ask about a reunion: ‘Hey, just doing my thing I do every year with you and Jimmy Page [of Led Zeppelin].’ And I’m so honored to be in that company, but it’s just not gonna happen. We’re all really good friends, and Melissa and I are especially close—we talk every day, but Eric is kinda off-the-grid right now—I think he’s in Japan, literally becoming a monk. I’m not even kidding. Melissa, Patty and I think he’s become a monk or something on that level of aestheticism.”

While Love’s recent comment in London hints at a Hole revival, it remains unclear whether this would involve the classic lineup or a new iteration of the band. Over the years, Love has shown she’s not opposed to recording under the Hole moniker without the original members. However, her recent endeavors, including working on new music and her memoir, suggest she’s not leaving the music scene anytime soon.