Corey Taylor Gives Details About The Lyrics For The Upcoming Slipknot Album


Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor opened up about the band’s upcoming studio album during a recent interview with Consequence. Since Taylor is the lyricist of the band in addition to his duties as a vocalist, he announced that all of the lyrics have been written and that this time he didn’t just write them from his own point of view.

The last studio album Slipknot released was ‘We Are Not Your Kind’ on August 9, 2019, and numerous respectable commentators praised the record as one of the best releases of the band. The album debuted at No. 1 on both the US Billboard 200 and the UK Albums Chart, and singles such as ‘Unsainted’ and ‘Solway Firth’ also became chart hits.

Following the announcement of making a brand new record, Slipknot fans have been craving new information about this upcoming album. Thus far, Corey Taylor revealed that the band has been working on creating an album that feels relatable to every generation. Since the band matured with its audience, they have been focusing on making an evolved record while keeping their timeless sound still.

During a recent interview, Slipknot lead singer gave thrilling news to his fans as he revealed more details about their upcoming album. Apparently, the record is going to be an expansion of their previous album, ‘We Are Not Your Kind’ and it’ll have that same old heavy sound that will make their fans feel excited.

In addition to this, Corey Taylor announced that all of the lyrics for their new record are completed and that he has changed his approach to songwriting. This time, Taylor shifted his point of view and started looking at things from other people’s perspectives to tell and write different stories. While sounding extremely passionate about the band’s current work, the singer said the songwriting process has been liberating.

In his own words, Taylor explained:

“It’s an expansion of where we were at on ‘We Are Not Your Kind.’ This band has always prided itself on expanding boundaries, expanding our musical vision. There’s a couple of songs on here that people are gonna be, like… There are definitely some pit openers that are gonna fucking freak people out.

It’s got the heavy… There are so many different elements on this one, man, that let’s just say I’m really excited to get the vocals on it. I’ve got all the lyrics were written and whatnot. I’m starting to fine-tune everything. It’s gonna be interesting, man.

I think I talked about it somewhere elsewhere this is the first time in a long time on a Slipknot album where I’m not just talking about things from my point of view; I’m trying to look at things from other people’s point of view and tell different stories again. I’m kind of getting back to that, and it feels very freeing. It’s very liberating.”

Although Corey Taylor didn’t reveal the release date or the name of the upcoming record, fans are at least expecting a member of Slipknot to hint at a piece of significant information about the album. Fortunately, Taylor sounds excited and enthusiastic about giving information on their work and their fans are hoping to hear more in the future.