Chris Shiflett Refuses To Talk About The Foo Fighters Anymore

Following their short hiatus after the passing of Taylor Hawkins in 2022, Foo Fighters announced their return to live performances with a world tour and festival dates this year. But guitarist Chris Shiflett is not willing to talk about the band much, as he recently told Riff Magazine:

“Anytime I talk about anything Foo-Fighters-related, it just becomes clickbait, and people take it out of context.”

In addition to the Foo Fighters tour, Shiflett has plans for some solo projects. He is set to release a new album called ‘Lost At Sea’ in October and will take the stage for a few Bay Area shows right after the band’s upcoming dates.

So, the guitarist also talked about his performances with and without Foo Fighters during the recent chat by saying:

“There’s a lot to be said for those big venues and festival shows. Those are crazy, and the energy is like a jet engine blowing in your face. But it’s very different playing in a bar with a handful of people and trying to win a crowd over. They’re all really different experiences, and I just love doing both.”

Back in March, Shiflett gave six shows in the UK and Ireland to support his new album. He played some tracks from ‘Lost At Sea’ during the gigs and even used fan footage from the concerts for the music video of ‘Damage Control.’ You can watch it below.